Transforming Lives

Durolite Electricals


Durolite Electricals is a very old and established company, the mother brand that has now diversified into property leasing and hived off separate verticals, Under the Duro Group of Companies, namely Duro Entertainment, Duro Solutions, DuroLite Foundation, and Duro Property Management LLC (USA). This last verticals leases out premium, developed property to corporates in the US.

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Duro Solutions


We provide a complete package of services including customized website development, web application development, mobile application development, ecommerce solutions and dedicated hosting, as per your unique business requirements. As a specialist digital marketer, we provide end to end solutions in content marketing, data mining, and database management, software development, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) work.

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Duro Property Management, LLC (USA)


We are real estate property advisors who can help you create Power Team to assist with you in getting the right site the meets your needs. We bring the following local advisors and experts together to make every transaction purposeful and smooth.


Property Management

We offer customized services in facility management to societies, investors and property owners. We could be your single point of contact for the management and maintenance of residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties.


Duro Entertainment


Film Production, Events and Wedding Planner

Duro Entertainment is into producing highly-engaging audio-visual content across genres for Feature Films, Television Series, Web Episodes, TV Commercials, and Cultural Events. We love telling soul-stirring, gripping stories in a way that leave audiences glued to their seats, asking for more. We work with all kind of cutting-edge software and hi-end production equipment, sound and light equipment to give you international-quality output and make your live events even livelier.

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Durolite Foundation

Corporate Social Responsiblity

We are committed to build an inclusive India and create better tomorrow for everyone. Through strategic partnerships with a slew of government and non-government organizations, we undertake voluntary, support programmes, targeted at various sections of our disadvantaged society aimed towards creating a sustainable, equitable society, where members have equal opportunities.

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